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    Thursday, May 23, 2013

    My Balticon Schedule

    Balticon is this weekend—and I have schedule. Sort of. We’re talking Balticon, after all. Plans and schedules tend to be (ahem) fluid. The one thing you can be sure of is a lot of fun. So if you happen to be in the vicinity of Hunt Valley, Maryland, this weekend, I hope I’ll see you there! Friday 9 p.m., Salon A Steam-powered: Rage of the New Victorians Moderator: Jean Marie Ward Panelists: Martin Berman‐Gorvine, Richard Allen Leider, Neal Levin, Jeffrey P. Young From werewolves of property to anti-zombie airship pilots, the Empire has struck back. Meet the writers of this Brave Old World and learn about their stories and novels and where they get the ideas for those crazy gadgets. 11 p.m., Chase Room Cover Trends Moderator: Collin Earl Panelists: Richard Allen Leider, Starla A. Huchton, Philip Giunta, Jean Marie Ward What are the latest trends in science fiction, fantasy and horror covers? How are the new media changing the rules? What’s next? Saturday 4 p.m., Salon B Broad Universe Rapid Fire Readings Moderator: Kelly A. Harmon Panelists: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Gail Z. Martin, Christine Norris, Sarah Pinsker, KT Pinto, Morgen Rich, Roberta Rogow, Jean Marie Ward, Trisha J. Wooldridge Bite-sized readings from the amazing women/authors of Broad Universe. Sunday 7 p.m., Salon B Marketing and Promotion Moderator: Roxanne Bland Panelists: Ian Randal Strock; Cecilia Tan, Jean Marie Ward What marketing and promotion will publishers do, and how much of it? What marketing and self-promotion do publishers expect authors to do? Do the big houses do more for their authors than the small press houses, or do they only do more for their "big name" authors? 9 p.m., Parlor 3041 Balancing Creative Life with Real Life Moderator: Leona Wisoker Panelists: Phil Giunta, Jean Marie Ward How do you get your creative time in while still getting to work, having clean underwear and remembering to feed the cat? 10 p.m., Belmont Room Promoting Your Book Panelists: Jean Marie Ward, Michael Ventrella What works in promoting a book? Do book-signings really help a small author? Are bookmarks and/or postcards effective at garnering attention? Does a blog help or hurt an author? Does an author have to have a website? How do you find good reviewers? What tactics do NOT work? What methods might work for an established author that wouldn’t work for a beginner?